Cressler and Bonner Building
Main Street, Cedarville

Cressler and Bonner Building in Cedarville Today (click to enlarge)

The Cressler and Bonner Building was completed in January 1885 after almost two years of construction. It was built for William Cressler and John Bonner by J.R. Cook. The building is 100 feet long, 64 feet high and was constructed from locally fired bricks.

The magnificent building cost $18,000 to build. The walls are 28 inches thick and there are steel shuttered doors and windows on the first floor which were manufactured in San Francisco and serve to make the building virtually fire-proof

The exterior of the building has turned posts supporting an awning and turned-wood railings, all added on in the ensuing years. An exact copy of the original Cressler-Bonner sign was recently hung. Otherwise, its exterior has remained largely unchanged over the last 120 years

When the new building was finished, it housed a dry goods store, hardware and grocery stores, and the Bank of Cressler and Bonner.

The building featured the only operating elevator in the county for many years. The hand-cranked, cable-driven elevator is still used today by Skip Arnew, owner of the saddle shop.

The old bank space is now occupied by Floating Islands Bookstore. The original vault remains and the shop's doors and wainscoting feature a faux wood graining painted on with feathers.

The building's upstairs was once used as a lodge, a pool hall, and for dances. Today, it is an open apartment and the tenant occasionally hosts poetry readings, art shows, and special exhibits in the space.

The General Store now serves as a coffee house and cafe known as "Surprise!". Proprietor Sheila Cotton also offers wireless internet service.

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Cressler and Bonner in Cedarville Historical (click to enlarge)

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