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Surprise Valley lies in the northeastern corner of California, adjacent to both Nevada and Oregon. The valley is bounded on the west by the Warner Mountains, and the three shallow alkaline lakes, the Upper, Middle and Lower Lakes reflect Nevada's Hays Range to the east (when they contain water)

The valley stretches approximately 70 miles from north to south and averages 10 miles wide. Its four towns, from north to south, are Fort Bidwell, Lake City, Cedarville, and Eagleville. The valley is entirely within Modoc County which took its name in 1874 from the most prominent Native American tribe living in the area at the time.

You may reach the valley by traveling from US Highway 395 via 299E over Cedar Pass, while Fandango Pass Road connects US 395 with County Road 1 about 5 miles south of Fort Bidwell. Visitors traveling from Reno might choose to enter the valley's south end via Gerlach and Nevada Highway 447.

Map of Surprise Valley (pdf) and the Surrounding area, including the Barrel Springs Byway. Provided by the Field Office, Bureau of Land Management.

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